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“Barbara really listens to both me and my child. She has the ability to connect with my child in a way no one else can. He has become so much more capable and confident since he started OT with Barbara”.
Sandy S., mother of a 5 year old boy

“I can't believe the changes Charlotte has made since she started to see Barbara Greenspan! My daughter always seemed uncomfortable at school, especially in movement class. I thought she was always going to be “uncoordinated”, but now she is right in there with the other kids!”
Mimi P., mother of a 4 year old girl

“My son, Nick, has really changed since he started working with Barbara in OT. He is much more social and “in charge” of his body. He is so much fun to be with now!”
Mary Ann, mother of a 5 year old boy

“Grant really struggled when it came to handwriting and drawing. Barbara Greenspan worked so well with him. She had so much patience and sat with him week after week until he really “got it”. Now he feels confident about his handwriting and can draw pictures. He is even starting to enjoy art class whereas before he hid under his desk!”
Karen, mother of a 10 year old boy


Barbara Greenspan, MS, OTR • Pediatric Occupational Therapist • (203) 858-8490 • barbara@kidworksofwestport.com
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